Every Project Starts With a Great IDEA

It is IDEA’s mission to rely on our experience, talent and commitment to customer service to provide creative, practical and cost effective engineering and construction services to our clients.

About IDEA Engineering

IDEA was founded in 1995 by seasoned engineering professionals who believed that their collective experiences and dedication to being a creative, responsive, and efficient engineering and design resource for the chemical, pharmaceutical and specialty manufacturing industries would give IDEA the “right stuff” to excel in the engineering business. A guiding principal of the firm was to create a compelling differentiation message started with the establishment of the company. “They understand our business, they know where our market is going, they know how to design and construct facilities that will support the business we are in, and they look like one of us.” This principal created a highly focused and specialized firm that serves the process sectors with a differentiation strategy of not being everything to everyone. This strategy not only helped to build deep technical competence in the organization, but it also communicated to prospects that this firm clearly understands the client’s business. The strategy early in the firm’s life has also resulted in a high degree of client loyalty and growth. In simple terms:

  • Put our customers first
  • Invest in technology
  • Create an entrepreneurial environment to attract and retain talented engineers and designers
  • Control our growth to ensure that quality and professionalism are never compromised

The IDEA Difference

  • Entrepreneurial management style with Principal involvement in each Project
  • Ability for fast-track response supporting Client's first-to-market needs
  • Flexible Project execution - including Engineering only design/build and turn-key performance contracts
  • Expertise in retrofit projects and Plant upgrades
  • Strategic alliances with other Engineering firms and Construction Companies to compliment specific or special Project requirements

Headquartered in Milford, CT, IDEA's Clients include leaders in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Heavy Industry and Institutional areas.

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