IDEA Contact information

  • Richard Gregoire, Principal, Process Engineering Manager
  • Paul Mancuso, Principal, Instruments & Controls Manager
  • Thomas Hustek, Principal, Technical Director
  • Wallace Reinecke, Principal, Operations Manager

Main Contact Numbers:

  • 203-951-4100 (Voice)
  • 203-951-4102 (Fax)



Specialty & Fine Chemicals


Process Development

Renewable Energy


Environmental Controls

IDEA Corporate:
612 Wheelers Farms Road
Milford, Connecticut, 06461
Voice: (203) 951-4100  Fax: (203) 951-4102



Chemical Expertise

IDEA has built a reputation for providing unparalleled process engineering services. IDEA has the talent and knowledge necessary to design the state-of-the-art facilities that are demanded by today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

As the chemical industry has matured, so have the demands in the design and construction of its manufacturing and R&D facilities. Factors such as health and safety, consistent product quality, energy efficiency, minimum downtime and environmental compliance require a higher level of design capabilities than ever before. IDEA has the knowledge and capabilities to ensure that every project is done to the highest standards possible.

Chemical Services

  • Batch and Continuous Processes
  • Fine Powder Handling
  • Process Unit Operation
  • Environmental Systems
  • Utility Systems
  • Process Optimization
  • Waste Minimization
  • Specialized Process Equipment
  • Materials of Construction
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Control System Integration
  • Hazardous Electrical Design
  • Specialized Piping Systems
  • Code Requirements
  • PSM Requirements
  • Chemical Plant Civil / Structural Design


Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy

  • Balance of Plant Design
  • Process Development
  • Process Design
  • Process Optimization
  • Plant Infrastructure Design
  • Due Diligence





Pharmaceutical Expertise

Picture4IDEA’s professional staff are well aware of the design and architectural complexities involved when planning pharmaceutical buildings. We are fully prepared to assist clients in understanding the newest technologies and regulatory practices that are pertinent to state-of-the-art R&D facilities. IDEA Engineers are well versed in industrial communications, controls and automation manufacturing processes, R&D, cGMP, GLP and posess a thorough knowledge of process design and equipment.

  • R&D Facility Design
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Facilities
  • Granulation and Solid Dosage Facilities


Pharmaceutical Services

  • Project Management
  • Master Planning and Facility / Site Programming
  • Contracting to Execution
  • Turnkey & Multidiscipline Pharmaceutical Projects
  • Design Qualifications
  • Process and Equipment Modernization
  • Plant Relocation
  • Plant Decontamination
  • Plant Decommissioning
  • Plant Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Facility Programming
  • Specialized Process Systems
  • Facility Layout
  • Piping Systems
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Safety Management
  • Material and Personnel Flow
  • Process Equipment Vendor Selection



Every Project Starts With a Great IDEA

It is IDEA’s mission to rely on our experience, talent and commitment to customer service to provide creative, practical and cost effective engineering and construction services to our clients.


IDEA, incorporated in 1995 by it’s 6 principals, has more than 60 staff members and boasts a broad spectrum of national and international clients.

The IDEA Difference

  • Entrepreneurial management style with partner involvement in each project.
  • Ability for fast track response supporting client’s first to market needs
  • Flexible project execution-including engineering only design/build and turnkey performance contracts.
  • Expertise in retrofit projects and plant upgrades.
  • Strategic alliances with other engineering firms and construction companies to compliment special project requirements.
  • Flexible project execution
  • Engineering only
  • Design/Build
  • Turnkey
  • Retrofit
  • Plant Upgrades

 Engineering Capabilities

  • Chemical & Process Engineering
  • Mechanical / HVAC
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Process Architecture
  • Civil /Structural Engineering
  • Piping Design
  • Instrumentation / Controls
  • CAD / Drafting

ECPM (Engineering, Procurement &
Contruction Management)
Cost Estimating
Project Scheduling
Construction Supervision
Regulatory / Compliance
Conceptual Planning
Conceptual Design
Computerized Estimating
Purchasing & Cost Control
Basic Design
Detailed Design
Laboratory Planning

IDEA Engineering