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Pressure gauge and piping with a darkened overlay.



Innovative Design Engineering Associates (IDEA) was founded in 1995 by seasoned engineering professionals who believed that their collective experiences and dedication to being a creative, responsive, and efficient engineering and design resource for the chemical, pharmaceutical and specialty manufacturing industries would give IDEA the “right stuff” to excel in the engineering business. With chemical and special chemical engineering services at the core of our expertise, IDEA has a long tradition of over 25 years in business servicing a variety of industries.

The IDEA Value Proposition


Small Company Advantages

Quick response, flexibility to adapt to client needs, principal involvement, and competitive pricing for engineering services.


Strategic Partnerships

Fitting appropriate resources to specific project requirements, allowing us to quickly adapt to project scale.


Long-Term Outlook

The vast majority of our business is with repeat customers by demonstrating exceptional service, expertise, and value.

Our Team

IDEA’s management team has been working together for more than 30 years designing chemical and pharmaceutical facilities and building lasting client relationships in the process.

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