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Intricate 3D model of multicolored pipes and vessels. Image has a darkened overlay.


Multifaceted Service

IDEA has built a reputation for providing unparalleled engineering services across a multitude of industries.

Waste to Energy


Manufacturing & Technology

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Industrial Loss & Forensics

Our Core Industry

IDEA is an industry leader in the design of new and retrofit of existing chemical / organic synthesis derived facilities.

Our projects range from the design and construction of R&D laboratories, kilo-scale and pilot facilities, commercial scale greenfield production plants and extensive modifications to existing production facilities.

Chemical additive plant vessel and valve apparatus.


  • Batch and Continuous Processes

  • Process Instrumentation

  • Process Controls

  • Specialized Piping Systems

  • Process Equipment

  • Hazardous Material Handling

  • Code Assessments

  • PSM Requirements

  • Utility Systems

  • Waste Minimization

  • Process Optimization

  • Technology Transfer

Process Unit Operations

  • Adsorption

  • Centrifugation

  • Containment Systems

  • Cryogenic Systems

  • Distillation

  • Dust Collection

  • Extraction

  • Heat Transfer

  • Mixing and Blending

  • Process Refrigeration 

  • Solid Additions

  • Solvent Receiving

  • Steam and Condensate

  • Thermal Destruction 

  • Vacuum Systems

  • Batch and Continuous

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Cooling Water Systems

  • Dissolving

  • Drying

  • Evaporation

  • Filtration

  • Hot Oil Systems

  • Process Heaters

  • Process Wastewater

  • Solids Conveying

  • Solvent Recovery Systems

  • Storage and Distribution

  • Utilities

Chemical & Process

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