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Thermal oxidizer and two bladder tanks for which IDEA did the detailed design. Image has a darkened overlay.


Extensive Portfolio

IDEA has a huge range of projects, which were completed for customers across a wide industrial landscape.

Styrenic Block Copolymers (SBC) Pilot Plant

IDEA provided turnkey supply of a pilot scale polymer process development system. The system utilized a modular, 2-skid design which included pressurized liquid/liquid and liquid/gas in-line mixing systems with flow, temperature, and pressure control systems. The process included flammable liquids and hazardous chemicals. Limited space availability required a customized, compact design. IDEA purchased all long lead items, to meet the project's aggressive schedule.

Advanced Bioprocessing Facility Retrofit

IDEA also provided conceptual, preliminary and detailed design of a 100,000 Sq/Ft manufacturing facility that provides a high containment environment, in addition to being a show case for clients. Special consideration of this facility was to allow visitors, clients, and potential clients the ability to view the manufacturing process without gowning up.

Manufacturing Facility Renovations & Additions

IDEA provided process design work for a chemical production expansion project, provided support for plant automation conversion, designed a QC Laboratory, Gas Detection System, Boiler Room

Mechanical Installations and performed Instrumentation Calibration.

Manufacturing Campus Support

IDEA and this client have maintained an ongoing relationship since the early 1970s. Since then, IDEA has supported thousands of projects and programs on their manufacturing campus such as Latex Monomer Addition, Third-Stage Reactor Repair, Styrofoam Silo Transfer Feeder, and Reactor Solids Project.

Trigeneration Facility

IDEA successfully completed design/build services for our client's Trigeneration CCHP Plant Project. The project included a packaged trigeneration system which is comprised of a 740 kW natural gas-fired reciprocating engine with the associated heat recovery steam generator and absorption chiller as well as the applicable emissions control and system control panel.

Phenolics Manufacturing Project

IDEA was contracted to retrofit an existing reactor and existing auxiliary supporting equipment to manufacture new Phenolic-based products. IDEA provided conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design resulting in the upgrade of our client's steam distribution system and other plant utilities as well as the addition of a new vacuum system, a new reactor system, a production dilution and filtration system, and a new storage system for raw material and intermediates to meet manufacturing demands.

Multiple Pilot Plant Upgrades

IDEA was contracted for various projects that included processing capability increases and the addition of new unit operations and specialty equipment required for the scale-up and development of API candidates. Completion of the projects resulted in a state-of-the-art cGMP compliant API Development Facility. IDEA provided engineering, design, procurement, commissioning and validation (support) services over a five year period.

Manufacturing Facility

This facility manufactures a diverse range of waterborne and solvent borne polyurethane resins, coatings and adhesives. IDEA was responsible for the design and detail engineering of process and utility piping systems in support of laboratories, an aqueous process manufacturing area, a solvent process manufacturing area, a utility room, a pilot plant, a tank farm, and a warehouse.

Cogeneration Facility

IDEA was selected to provide design services for the implementation of a combined heat and power solution into our client's manufacturing plant. The integration of cogeneration in this facility provides a unique application of a proven technology by utilizing turbine exhaust heat directly in the manufacturing process to create a system with an overall efficiency of more than 90%. Plant emissions were reduced by more than 11,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Toner (Carbon Black) Facility Project

Biomass Gasification

IDEA provided project management, process engineering and procurement support services for a facility designed to demonstrate commercial viability of a novel biomass gasification technology coupled with syngas clean-up and Fischer-Tropsch gas-to-liquids conversion processes. IDEA developed facility layouts, P&IDs, motor and instrument lists, equipment data sheets and a 3D modeling of the entire system.

IDEA was selected to provide engineering services for a new state-of-the-art Toner facility for the copier and other printing industries. IDEA's knowledge of difficult solids handling issues and specialty solids handling equipment made us the perfect choice for this new facility. Additionally, our extensive background in safety and hazardous/combustible dust applications greatly benefited our client and the project. Major project equipment included raw material and storage systems, multiple solids weighing and feeding systems, and weigh hopper systems.



Expansion &

Plant Upgrades





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